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    • 1990年

      Wuxi Longda Industrial Corporation Transfer Printing Branch was established in 1990

    • ?1991年

      The first transfer printing machine was put into production in 1991

    • 1992年

      The CCP Branch was established in 1992

    • 1993-1995年

      Sales offices were established in Keqiao, Wenzhou, Shishi, Tianjin, Shandong, Shengze, Haining, Nanhai, Shantou and other places from 1993 to 1995

    • 1994年

      Wuxi Longda Jijia Co., Ltd. was established in 1994

    • 1995年

      The first wide-width machine was put into production in 1995

    • 1996年

      Pattern Design Office was established in 1996

    • 1997年

      Plate-making was developed in 1997

    • 1998年

      Zhejiang Branch was established in 1998

    • 1998年

      Entered the Japanese down product market in 1998

    • 1998年

      The first 2.8m full-width pattern in China was made in 1998

    • 1999年

      Wuxi Longda Jijia Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1999

    • 2000年

      Entered domestic curtain market in 2000 (participated in domestic exhibition in China for the first time)

    • 2000年

      The Labor Union was established in 2000

    • 2002年

      Participated in Frankfurt Exhibition in 2002

    • 2003年

      Jiangsu Longda Transfer Printing Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2003

    • 2003年

      The first Laboratory Center in the industry was established in 2003

    • 2004年

      Participated in the exhibition in New York, USA in 2004

    • 2005年

      Wuxi Longda Jijia Plate Making Co., Ltd. was established in 2005

    • 2006年

       Expansion and relocation in 2006

       The first 2.8m*1.91m flower surrounding pattern in China was made

    • 2007年

      Implemented ERP system for resource management in 2007

    • 2009年

      Kunshan Best was established in 2009

    • 2010年

      Headquarter expansion in 2010 (Established North Factory)

    • 2010年


    • 2010年

      Jiangsu Environment Friendly Heat Transfer Printing Engineering Technology Research Center was established in 2010

    • 2012年

      The first National High-tech Enterprise in the industry in 2012

    • 2012年

      Certified by Wal-Mart, Disney, KOHL’S, Li & Fung, Lego, Zara, GRS, STEP, BSCI, etc. since 2012

    • 2014年

      AVA computer-based color separation system was introduced to make the color separation more detailed and accurate in 2014

    • 2015年

      Obtained the oeko tex 100 ecological textile certificate in 2015

    • 2015年

      Yangzhou Best Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2015

    • 2016年

      Jiangsu Longda Transfer Printing Textile Co., Ltd. was renamed as Jiangsu Longda Textile Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016

    • 2017年

      Drafted and approved the industry standards in 2017

    • 2018年

      Jiangsu Recognized Enterprise Technology Center in 2018

    • 2019年

      Key Cultivated Enterprise for Implementing Standards for Integration of Informatization and Industrialization in 2019

    • 2020年

      May Day Labor Award was granted by Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions in 2020

    • 2020年

      The contract for gravure printing ink painting deepening and transfer was officially signed in 2020